Lots of things coming up! I will be concentrating mainly on composing for the whole 2021-22 season, thanks to a grant by SKR (Finnish Cultural foundation’s Ostrobothnian regional grant).

Lots of music to be released which we have recorded during this year:

In the summer we recorded my project “Jazz Noir” with Turku Jazz Orchestra, featuring Jukka Perko and Jukka Eskola. This is set to be released in Sep 2022, together with the Turku Jazz Orchestra.

The Bothnia Rhythm Orchestra spent a couple of days at the Midas studio doing a promotional video, the video should be out sometime this fall.

We also recorded a couple of my compositions with Lohjan kaupunginorkesteri (Lohja City Orchestra) for wind ensemble, featuring soprano Mari Palo and Jukka Eskola on trumpet.

New things happening, and some new music also published. Check out my string quartet nr. 1, plus the first release from my new ensemble.

String Quartet nr. 1, featuring Tempera-quartet:

Laura Vikman, violin
Silva Koskela, violin
Tiila Kangas, viola
Ulla Lampela, violoncello

Recorded at Snellman-sali, Kokkola, Finland, February 2021.

Recording: Markus Isojärvi
Video: Oskari Hannula

Jussi Lampela Ensemble:

Ocean In Motion (comp: J. Lampela)

The musicians:

Reijo Tunkkari, vln 1
Annika Brännkärr, vln 2
Ari Hanhikoski, vla
Ulla Lampela, vc
Jonas Kuhlberg, bass
Timo Roiko-Jokela, percussion
Jussi Lampela, synthesizers, loops

Recorded at Kokkola, March 22, 2021
Recording: Markus Isojärvi
Video: Oskari Hannula
Mix: Miikka Huttunen

Besides the upcoming string quartet premiere, a couple of things should also happen when the corona-restrictions just ease up a bit:

-My suite for big band and two soloists, Jazz Noir, will get recorded this spring, details later

-My wind orchestra concert will probably be in the spring, a new date is set soon.

-And also, I was awarded a second prize for my wind orchestra composition “If We Must Die” in the composition contest organized by Pirkanmaan Pinna ry, with a distinguished jury, headed by conductor Atso Almila. More info soon…

New season starts with some arranging commissions, I am at work with the Vantaa Pops/Vantaan Viihdeorkesteri on several projects, and also writing a couple arrangements to Keski-Pohjanmaan Kamariorkesteri (Osthrobothnian Chamber Orchestra) plus other miscellaneous jobs. Also finishing my compositions for wind band, to be premiered in Kokkola next march, featuring Mari Palo on soprano and Jukka Eskola on trumpet. Other announcements shortly as they are public…